Organic Food Packaging Factors Consumers Expect

Consumer demand for organic food products is escalating. Therefore food companies are including all natural food ingredients in their product lines. Organic food possess more beneficial nutrients as farming is conducted in better environment. They are fresh because preservatives are not included. Organic products are extremely labor intensive and cost is double then their non-organic counterparts. This is the main reason that buyers have to pay more for organic products.

Due to cut throat competition, food companies need packaging that reflect equivalent quality standards. Food companies have to compete with other organic as well as non-organic products available in the market. Choosing wholesale retail boxes for packaging is perplexing, especially with massive competition for limited consumer attention and shelf space. So, packaging organic products need one to be creative, so as to grab customer attention, fulfil their expectations as well as deliver branded quality.

Organic food packaging factors consumers expect

Premium quality

Packaging is the initial factor, which introduces customers to your brand. Therefore it is crucial to interact with consumer’s value expectations. The food companies make use of the best quality organic ingredients in producing the product line. Therefore they need to incorporate quality packaging design in the form of premium materials, structure and finishes. Packaging design needs to distinguishable from mass produced standard products.


Organic program is not limited to human health. Organic food consumers have great care for environment, so food companies need to ensure that they opt for right packaging material, so as to share same values. Highly recyclable plastics offer good opportunity to decrease landfills. Lightweight packaging means use of less overall material, so less waste will go to landfill, less weight for transportation and so reduce in carbon emissions.


Windows in the packaging allows consumers see food. Incorporate ingredient source in the packaging, so that consumers get familiar. They believe transparency to be equal to goods quality. Placement of graphics and text needs to be planned strategically.


Just like transparency, customers associate organic food products to be genuine and healthy for themselves. This similar expectations they have from packaging. From recycled materials to soy-based ink the packaging needs to offer purity message. Organic structures, which makes handling product with ease creates sense of purity. Keep packaging simple but exciting and elegant.


Visuals are significant for any kind of packaging. While choosing organic products, the concept of giving back to nature is common connection every customer makes. Natural approach can be obtained using quality photography, which makes health benefits apparent.

Consumers expect a wholesome and healthy packaging design!

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